If you can not adopt...SPONSOR an animal and make a difference.  When you choose to sponsor a dog or a cat at CARE Animal Shelter you can have your photo taken with your sponsored animal so we can reproduce it on a mug as a gift for you.  Place your name on the sponsorship list.  Businesses will have their website link posted on this page as well. 

How Sponsorship Work?

  1. Choose a pet you’d like to sponsor and a monthly amount  ( Php1000.00 for one month or Php8,000.00 for one year)
  2. Stay in touch. You will receive a photo and monthly email updates from your pet
  3. Once your pet has been rehomed you can choose to adopt another pet.

By sponsoring a pet you are able to help unwanted and abandoned animals in the shelter while waiting for their FUREVER family.  Your donation will help all the animals in CARE Animal Shelter, not only the pet that you have picked. Your generosity will help support the needs of our shelter animals like food, water, medicines. Your monthly gift will help us to ensure that our shelter animals are vaccinated, wormed, spayed, neutered and receive all any other veterinary care they need.

So what are you waiting for…SPONSOR A PET NOW!



For more information about our sponsorship program kindly click the link below.



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Community Animal Rescue Efforts - C.A.R.E. Bacolod is a SEC registered privately funded shelter organization.

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