BANAGO – very friendly and playful towards grown-ups and kids alike. He never run out of energy to run and play. He is very affectionate. A smart and trainable companion. This dog wants to be inside with its family. Wouldn’t you? I am LOVE…I feel…I am a SHELTER DOG…I exist…I have NEEDS…I want LOVE…I want AFFECTION… Please notice me… I AM.


PRINCESS was surrendered by her previous owners to the shelter. Her owners moved to Mindanao but promised to return but sadly her previous owners never came back for her. Princess left heart broken. Princess is now adjusting her new life at the shelter. Her loyalty is the best single word to describe her. She interact with emotions and could read the thought of her master. She is good to be kept home as a companion.  


Please adopt Princess!


ALI was spotted near Alisbo, Bacolod City. Fated to meet her ends through a butchers knife, Ali was rescued and was given a second chance to live. Ali transformation at the shelter has been truly incredible to see. A dog that was apparently caught and tied to be somebody’s dinner is now living a happy life where she can run and play freely. 


Please adopt Ali!


ADA was spotted along Panaad, Bacolod City.  She was so emaciated that she could barely able to walk and covered in scabies. But today, Ada is healed beautifully and adjusting to a nice life. She get along with other dogs and love being petted. 


Please adopt Ada!


ROSIE. Her chain was embedded in her neck when she was found and rescued. It was down to her near bone. There were no sections in her neck where you could not see that there was a chain there. She was brought to a veterinary clinic for immediate treatment and surgery. Today, Rosie is a healthy happy dog, sweet and loving with a goofy character. She is a bundle of joy. Despite of her severe injury before she showed no sign of aggression to any other dogs at the shelter or to people who visit the shelter. 


Please adopt Rosie!


BARDOT was spotted along sanitarium Bacolod City. His body was covered in mange and scabies. There was not an inch of his body that was not infected. He suffered from scabies, mange, infection, dehydration and malnutrition. Finally someone stopped to help him and took him to a vet with the help of CARE Animal Shelter. After eight months of treatment, Bardot was fully recovered. Today, Bardot is a happy senior dog living the rest of his twilight life. He is exceptionally friendly with all people and playful. He is consider a devoted companion.


Please adopt Bardot!


BANTAY was once a stray  dog and was rescued on March 2016. Bantay was used to take care by a homeless boy since she was a puppy. They lived in the street but life in the street was rough and tough being shown nothing but cruelty by humans. Bantay was  stabbed by heartless people, navigating the gauntlet of rushing cars on road, drinking dirty water, scavenging for food in garbage. Survival is the most. Today, Bantay is very active and like to stay busy.  She is very affectionate and sweet.


Please adopt Bantay!


MARCO was spotted along i-mart Liberated, Bacolod City. Marco was a stray dog scavenging for food for survival. His body was covered with scabies and he suffered from malnutrition. Life in the street as a stray dog was rough.and tough. Marco was hit by car so many times. A security guard who used to feed Marco decided to surrender him to the shelter for his own safety.

Marco is a sweet boy. Will you willing to take a chance to adopt Marco?

Please adopt Marco!


BLACK was surrendered at the city pound. He was so thin and had so much fleas. Black suffered from malnutrition before he was brought to CARE Animal Shelter. The lady who rescued him had some dogs so she could not keep Black with her. 

Today, Black is a healthy and a happy dog. 

 Please adopt Black!







  1. I really want to help animals. If i would be given a chance to have “BANTAY” for me.. I will give him/her the love that he/she looking for. It is a pleasure to help


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